The cooker man.

In our workshop in Canterbury New Zealand, we provide cooker servicing and if needed, totally rebuild of any Rayburn, Wellstood, Stanley, Bosky, Wagener, Esse, Doric, Wamsler or Everhot Miro, Romesse, and Pot Belly cooker. 

Fully reconditioned cookers like Wellstood and Rayburn (and other brands) are available for purchase.


We supply customers genuine Rayburn parts or indeed, if not able to be bought off the self anymore because of obsolesce, we can supply new, excellent quality, cast iron parts made with our own well stocked supply of casting patterns and moulds.

"Rayburn,  Wellstood,  Stanley  & Bosky  cookers are our specialty and parts are held."

We can also supply many parts for other well-known Kiwi & European cookers and coal ranges.

If you only need a grate or a set of fire bricks, "No Prob".  Just let us know the model and what side of the cooker the fire box is on. 

If it’s far more serious, then an example of a typical rebuild of a client's much loved & needed family "friend", the cooker, is stripped to its Base and re-assembled carefully and thoroughly. 

If needed, rust effected areas are treated with coatings which also enhance their longevity. 

We offer continual land-line telephone communication and/or emails often with photographs to the client at each necessary stage of the repair, or during the total restoration project. 

This is offered to ensure you, the cookers owner to be aware at pretty much all times, what stage their cooker is at. 

If replacement insulation is needed, we can offer a choice of insulation rated materials which can enhance the cookers function.

If re-enameling is needed, that is also available in numerous colours.

If it’s far more serious, then an example of a typical rebuild of a much loved & needed family “Friend”, the cooker is stripped to the base and re-assembled carefully and thoroughly.

If you require more information regarding cookers, send us an      e-mai